LVT Parquet Border: Exceptional Flooring Installation in Nottingham

14 May 2023

We recently had an exciting opportunity at our Nottingham flooring shop to install a stunning parquet dryback Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) with a border for one of our clients. It was a challenging project, but we were determined to exceed our client's expectations and deliver a truly remarkable finish.

Our client desired a parquet design with a border that would complement their existing decor. After careful consideration, we recommended parquet dryback LVT due to its authentic wood-like appearance, coupled with the advantages of durability, easy maintenance, and affordability.

Once the design and color options were discussed and finalized with the client, we embarked on the installation process. With precision and meticulousness, we measured and prepared the area, ensuring a flawless and level surface. Then, we began laying the parquet LVT tiles in an exquisite herringbone pattern, alternating between two captivating colors for an eye-catching contrast.

The border proved to be the most intricate aspect of the project. It demanded exact measurements, precise cutting, and seamless fitting to ensure perfect alignment with the rest of the tiles. We dedicated ample time and attention to detail, ensuring the border was symmetrical, straight, and flawlessly integrated.

As you can see, the end result is truly remarkable, and our client was ecstatic with the final outcome.

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