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Carpet Style was established over 40 years ago supplying and installing carpet to households around the East Midlands. Although we’ve grown and explored different aspects of the floorcovering’s world, carpet remains our predominant focus and we’ve built up a reputation for supplying and installing carpet to a high standard. We work with a wide range of manufacturers such as: Cormar Carpets, Furlong Flooring, Abingdon Flooring, Associated Weavers, Headlam Group, Westex, Brockway Carpets, Telenzo Carpets, Adams Carpets, Ulster Carpets, Penthouse Carpets, Cavalier Carpets and Balta Carpets.

We have expert installation teams and fantastic carpet sales advisors to oversee your journey with us. Visit our gallery to see just a very small portion of some of the work we’ve completed over the years. Our Instagram and Facebook accounts can also be reached at the bottom of the page with projects we’re currently working on. Alongside our carpets we also supply a vast range of underlays. Underlay does not only just act as a thermal insulator but, it also acts as a sound insulator.

We hold stock of 8mm polyurethane underlay, 10mm polyurethane underlay, 9mm polyurethane underlay, Treadmore underlay and Colours Red underlay. The 8mm polyurethane underlay is the most basic underlay we offer, and it is the underlay that is included within our FREE FREE FREE FREE ranges. The 10mm polyurethane underlay we offer is the next stage up from the 8mm underlay, it offers a higher level of protection underfoot and can lead to the carpet lasting for longer. The 9mm polyurethane underlay is the next stage up from the 10mm underlay,

​it comes with a quilted backing which gives the underlay a lot better tog rating and improved comfort leaving your carpet looking newer for longer. All our polyurethane underlays are made from 100% recycled foam. The Treadmore underlay we offer is a rubber-based underlay made from recycled tyres and does not compress like the polyurethane underlays we offer, it springs back. Colours Red, a rubber-based underlay, is the highest quality underlay that we offer to customers, it provides a very luxurious feel, along with a higher level of heat insulation and sound proofing. We can also order any underlays you desire upon request.

FAQ's Carpet

Is carpet a good flooring choice for homes or offices?

Yes, carpet is an excellent flooring choice for both homes and offices. It provides comfort, warmth, and sound insulation, making it a cozy and practical option for various spaces.

What type of carpet is best suited for my needs & where do I find the best one?

At Carpet Style Nottingham, we offer a wide range of carpets to suit different needs and preferences. Our expert team can assist you in finding the ideal carpet that matches your lifestyle and enhances your space.

What is the estimated lifespan of the carpet I'm considering?

The lifespan of a carpet depends on various factors, such as the quality of the carpet, maintenance, and foot traffic. High-quality carpets can last for many years with proper care.

How do you know if your carpet needs cleaning?

While regular vacuuming is essential to maintain your carpet's cleanliness, if you notice visible stains, lingering odours, or flattened fibres that no longer respond to standard cleaning methods, it's a clear indication that your carpet could benefit from a professional deep cleaning. However, if these issues persist even after cleaning, it might be a sign that it's time to consider investing in a new carpet.

How do you measure the area for carpet installation?

To ensure accurate measurements, our team will visit your location to take precise measurements and provide a quote tailored to your specific carpeting needs.

How long does the carpet installation process take?

The carpet installation time can vary based on the size of the area, any preparatory work required, and the complexity of the installation. Our skilled installers work efficiently to complete the process with minimal disruption. More specifically, a standard staircase would take approximately 3-4 hours to install whilst a standard bedroom would take approx. 90 minutes.

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