Flooring Trends 2023: Elevate Your Home with Style and Sustainability

07 September 2023

Welcome to the era of captivating flooring trends, where your floors become the canvas for your home's unique character. At Carpet Style, we're excited to share the latest flooring trends that will redefine the way you perceive your living spaces. Get ready to elevate your home with style, sustainability, and texture!

1. Herringbone Everywhere

  • Herringbone flooring made a grand entrance in 2022 and is here to stay. This timeless pattern adds elegance to any room, reminiscent of parquet flooring that enthusiasts love to restore. Herringbone floors now come in various forms, but wooden herringbone remains a top choice, especially in warmer shades.

2. Warm and Welcoming Tones

  • In a world that craves comfort and coziness, warm-toned floors are back in vogue. Beige and terracotta tiles are making a comeback, creating lived-in spaces that exude warmth. Bring the outdoors inside with terracotta tiles, perfect for a rustic touch.

3. Texture and Character

  • Feel the texture underfoot with character and rustic-grade boards. These textured surfaces bring depth and authenticity to your interiors. From wood floors to laminate and polished concrete, texture is the name of the game.

4. Sustainable Choices

  • Sustainability is key in 2023, with eco-conscious materials like cork taking center stage. Cork flooring is not only Scandi-inspired but also environmentally friendly. Homeowners are opting for greener options, extending the life of existing fixtures and choosing sustainable homeware.

5. Vinyl's Big Moment

  • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has won homeowners' hearts. Textile-backed vinyls, in particular, are gaining popularity for their durability and design options. Expect warmer tones and the resurgence of patterns like herringbone in vinyl flooring.

6. Antique Stone Shades

  • Stone flooring trends are shifting towards softer, earthy tones like brown. Lundhs Antique stone adds warmth and character to spaces. Earthy tones complement wood cabinetry and nature-inspired palettes for inviting interiors.

7. Elegant Matt Finishes

  • Matt finishes are taking over glossy surfaces, providing an elegant, subtle, and sophisticated look. This trend extends to large spaces like floors, creating a luxurious yet pared-back appearance.

8. Cottagecore and Texture

  • Inspired by Cottagecore, homeowners are experimenting with textures. Reclaimed wood flooring, in particular, is gaining popularity for its sustainability and rustic charm. The trend is all about creating inviting and laid-back interior schemes.

9. Luxurious Marble

  • Marble and onyx effect tiles are back in style, offering a touch of luxury without breaking the bank. Expect unique designs and colorful variations, like pink and green veining.

10. Exposed Brick Renaissance

  • Exposed brick floors are making a comeback, adding a rustic, easy-to-clean charm to various rooms. Statement rugs complement brick floors, creating cozy and inviting spaces.

11. Checks and Stripes

  • Checkerboard and striped floors are regaining popularity, especially in bathrooms. These patterns add visual interest without overwhelming the space, offering a versatile design choice.

12. Bold Floor Statements

  • The floor is becoming a statement feature, with bold patterns and geometric designs. Decorative tiles offer both style and practicality, making a stunning impact in any setting.

13. Natural Textures

  • Natural, earthy, and textured materials are gaining traction, offering timeless beauty. Embrace exposed elements and textured finishes for a canvas that stands the test of time.

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